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Allergy Testing: Know the Types and How to Prepare for Allergy Testing

Allergy Testing - Touchwood Pharmacy

Allergies can be far more than just a case of sniffles. Depending on the type of allergy you have, you could suffer from uncomfortable symptoms that impact your daily life. If you suspect you have allergies, you can get comprehensive allergy testing from Touchwood Pharmacy.

Allergy Testing Types
Patch Tests: Patch tests are usually carried out to diagnose the skin condition contact dermatitis. A tiny amount of the allergen is put on a disk and will stay taped to your skin for 48 hours to see if it causes a reaction.

Skin Prick Tests: A small amount of liquid containing the suspected allergen is dropped onto the skin. A needle is then gently pricked into the skin and if you are allergic to it, and itchy red bump should appear in 15-30 minutes.

Blood Tests: Blood tests can check for antibodies in your system that are created when you have an allergic reaction. They are often used alongside other forms of allergy testing but can be standalone tests.

Challenge Tests: A challenge test is a type of food allergy testing where you are given foods you may be allergic to. It is important this is carried out in a supervised setting in case of any reactions.

Preparation for Allergy Testing
You should avoid taking any allergy medication in the days leading up to your test. Otherwise, you may get incorrect results. If you have any concerns about the medications you take, you should contact your GP or specialist before the tests.
Postpone any strenuous exercise or prolonged sun exposure prior to your appointment because these factors could make you more likely to have a more severe reaction during the testing.
You should also refrain from putting any creams, lotions, or cosmetics on your skin to prevent skewing your test results.
Finally, be sure to relax. Allergy testing is very straightforward and won’t cause any major discomfort so there is no reason to be anxious about your appointment.

Allergy Test Cost
The cost of allergy testing depends on factors like the type of testing you’re having and where you have the tests done. You can get affordable allergy testing from any of Touchwood Pharmacy’s allergy testing centers.
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