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Analysing Diabetes Levels from Haemoglobin A1C Blood Test

Analysing Diabetes Levels from Haemoglobin A1C Blood Test

The A1C blood test sometimes also knowns as the Diabetes blood test is used to diagnose Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes. If you are already living with diabetes, then this test is also able to monitor your blood sugar levels. For more information about preventing or managing diabetes and also the haemoglobin blood test, contact Touchwood Pharmacy.

Checking your blood sugar levels

An A1C blood test reflects your average blood sugar level for the preceding two to three months. This diabetes blood test specifically measures what percentage of haemoglobin proteins in the blood are coated with sugar or glycated.

The higher your A1C level is the poorer your blood sugar and this significantly increases the risk of complications from diabetes.

Even if you have your diabetes under control with either lifestyle changes or medication, a random blood sugar test can be useful to check your levels from time to time.

What information can an A1C blood test give to your doctor or healthcare provider?

The A1C blood test can help diagnose prediabetes and your doctor can advise you on appropriate steps to reduce your risk of developing either diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

The A1C blood test can also definitively diagnose Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Your doctor is likely to look at the results of two blood tests taken on different days. This will either be two A1C blood tests or the A1C test plus another test such as a fasting blood sugar test or a random blood sugar test.

An initial A1C blood test can establish your A1C level and provide a baseline that can be used to help monitor the effectiveness of a diabetes treatment plan.

What is an Oral Glucose Tolerance Test?

Sometimes also called the Glucose Tolerance Test or GTT, the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test is used to establish whether the body has difficulty in metabolising the intake of sugar/carbohydrate. The GTT can help to diagnose diabetes or insulin resistance.

A haemoglobin blood test measures the amount of haemoglobin present in your blood and gives a good indication of the blood’s ability to carry oxygen around the body.

A haemoglobin blood test or diabetes blood test provides useful information for prediabetic and diabetic people by looking at the blood’s ability to transport oxygen and blood sugar levels. One of the most common tests is the A1C blood test. For more information about managing Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, contact Touchwood Pharmacy.