Should I Get Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine for Travelling in Southeast Asia?

The vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis is just one of the precautions you may need to take if you are travelling to Southeast Asia.  This is a high-risk area for the illness and the vaccine for Japanese encephalitis is very effective and will protect 9 out of 10 people who have it.  Touchwood Pharmacy offers comprehensive vaccination advice including the Japanese encephalitis vaccination at our travel clinic in Sydenham and we also offer the Japanese encephalitis vaccination in Leighton Buzzard. 

The vaccine for Japanese encephalitis is just one of the vaccinations you need for Southeast AsiaIf the following criteria apply to you then you should have a vaccination:-

·         If you are planning a long stay in a high-risk country, usually at least a month

·         You are visiting Southeast Asia during the rainy season or are travelling to an area where there is a year-round risk due to tropical climate

·         You are visiting rural areas in a high-risk country

·         Taking part in outdoor activities within a high-risk country such as camping or cycling

The vaccine used in the UK to innoculate against Japanese encephalitis is for use in both adults and children aged two months and older.  The vaccination comes in two doses with the second shot being given 28 days after the first.  People aged 18 to 64 may be given the second dose 7 days after the first – this is called an accelerated schedule.  The vaccination should be fully completed at least 7 days before you arrive in a high-risk area.  It is possible to receive a booster dose of the vaccine if you remain at continuous risk of infection and this should be administered 12 to 24 months after the first full vaccination course.

Side effects

The vaccination causes mild and short-lived side effects including soreness at the site of the injection, muscle pain and headache.

If you are looking for the Japanese encephalitis vaccination in Sydenham or the Japanese encephalitis vaccination in Leighton Buzzard then contact Touchwood Pharmacy for more information about preventative measures against this disease and how to obtain the vaccination.  There is lots more information on our website including advice on how to prevent mosquito bites whilst you travel, visit