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Can Typhoid Be Permanently Prevented?

Typhoid fever - Touchwood Pharmacy


There are two vaccinations available in the UK which can provide some protection against typhoid but they are not a complete barrier against the disease. Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection which can spread rapidly throughout the body and without prompt treatment, can be fatal.  Vaccination is recommended for anyone planning to travel to parts of the world where typhoid fever is widespread. The vaccination is particularly important if you plan to work or live closely with the local population. Touchwood Pharmacy offers the typhoid vaccination in Streatham and the typhoid vaccination in SydenhamWe also offer the typhoid vaccination at our travel clinic in Northampton.

What other steps can be taken to prevent typhoid fever?

There are two licensed vaccines available to help protect against typhoid fever one of which is the Typhoid Vaccine Live Oral Ty21a, which is a live, attenuated (weakened) vaccine and the other which is an inactivated typhoid vaccine. There is also an alternative to vaccination and this is a vaccine-oral-enteric-coated-capsule taken four times at prescribed intervals. Neither of these options will completely prevent typhoid fever, it is important, therefore, to take additional precautions when you travel if typhoid is widespread in the area that you are visiting.

Additional precautions to help prevent typhoid fever

To prevent typhoid fever, it is important to practice safe eating and drinking habits.

  • Only drink boiled or bottled water, this includes when cleaning your teeth
  • Avoid ice in cold drinks and do not eat or drink popsicles and flavored ices that may have been made with contaminated water
  • Eat hot foods that have been thoroughly cooked and are still visibly hot and steaming
  • Avoid raw vegetables and fruits that cannot be peeled, this includes lettuce which remains contaminated even after it has been washed
  • Avoid buying food from street vendors
  • Wash your hands with soap before eating

For the maximum protection against typhoid fever, make sure you have the typhoid vaccination before you travel. Touchwood Pharmacy offers the typhoid vaccination at their travel clinics in Streatham and Sydenham as well as the typhoid vaccination in Northampton. For more information about how to prevent typhoid fever, visit our website www.touchwoodpharmacy.com