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Chickenpox Vaccination – What You Need To Know?

Chickenpox Vaccination – What You Need To Know?


Although chickenpox is a common childhood illness, it is not without risks. Chickenpox is caused by a virus called varicella zoster and is easily passed between children and adults who have not previously been infected. In severe cases, it can cause brain damage, pneumonia and serious skin infections. It can be very dangerous for anyone with a reduced immune system and can cause severe problems in the unborn child of a woman who becomes infected with chickenpox during pregnancy. Luckily, chickenpox immunisation is available at our Northampton branch of Touchwood Pharmacy.

Symptoms of Chickenpox

Chickenpox is best known for its blistering rash that is painful and itchy. Prior to the rash appearing, there can be several days of fever, tiredness and irritability. The rash can last for over a week before all of the blisters have scabbed over. Until this point, the child (or adult) needs to remain away from public places to reduce the risk of chickenpox being passed on to anyone with reduced immunity, or pregnant women. It can be difficult to maintain a period of isolation, especially if you have other children to consider. Chickenpox immunisation may be something you are considering to protect the health of your children or yourself, and to prevent any practical difficulties in caring for a child who needs to be isolated whilst infectious.

Chickenpox Vaccination Northampton

At our Northampton branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, we are pleased to offer chickenpox vaccination privately. The vaccine is available for children over the age of one and is also of benefit to adults who were neither infected with chickenpox nor underwent chickenpox immunisation, as a child. Chickenpox can be more unpleasant as an adult, and anyone at greater risk of infection, including healthcare workers and people who work with children, are urged to consider having the chickenpox vaccine privately.

Two doses of the chicken pox injection are required to provide immunity, and the doses are given around four to eight weeks apart. Although the vaccine cannot provide complete protection, if you or your child were to become infected after vaccination, then the infection would be far milder.

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