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Chickenpox Vaccine: Recommended Age, Benefits and Risks of not being immunised

Chickenpox Vaccine: Recommended Age, Benefits and Risks of not being immunised


The Chickenpox vaccine protects against the Varicella Zoster virus that causes the illness known as chickenpox. The Chickenpox Vaccine is not routinely offered as part of the standard childhood vaccination schedule unless someone is in close contact within their family group to a person who is particularly vulnerable to chickenpox and its complications. However, it is available privately alongside other vaccinations which may have been missed or absent entirely from a vaccination history.  Touchwood Pharmacy offers the chickenpox vaccination at their immunisation clinic in Northampton where you can also have the Meningitis vaccination if you have never received it previously.

The benefits of the Varicella Vaccination

Most people view Chickenpox as a mild childhood illness which soon passes but for adults catching chickenpox, the disease can be far more serious and there are certain groups of people who are at heightened risk:-

·         Those with weak immune systems so who are undergoing treatments like chemotherapy or who have been diagnosed with HIV Aids

·         Pregnant women – Chickenpox poses a considerable and significant risk to the foetus and can cause a variety of serious birth defects

As a consequence, the Chickenpox vaccination is recommended to certain groups of people like non-immune healthcare workers who, if they catch the disease, could put others at risk.

Are there any risks associated with the Chickenpox vaccine?

The Chickenpox vaccine has no more risks associated with it than any other vaccine. The majority of people will experience some very mild side effects after the vaccine is administered which can make you feel under the weather but should be no more serious than that. There can also be tenderness or soreness for a few days at the injection site. In very rare cases, there can be a more severe reaction. If you have any concerns about the safety of the Chickenpox vaccination then discuss these with your GP or pharmacist.

For more information and advice about the Meningitis vaccination and the Chickenpox vaccination, contact Touchwood Pharmacy’s immunisation clinic in Northampton. Enjoy professional pharmacy care and attention plus all the information you need about side effects and the disease risk within your family.  Learn more about all Touchwood Pharmacy’s vaccinations on our websitehttps://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/