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Commonly recommended vaccinations for travelers

Commonly recommended vaccinations for travelers


Many of us have benefited from the childhood schedule of vaccinations offered by the NHS. We have seen the financial pressures that the NHS is under, and with this been disappointed by the budgeting decisions regarding some vaccinations. Although the NHS may not be able to fund every vaccination for every age group, at Touchwood Pharmacy we are pleased to offer a full range of vaccinations privately, including chickenpox vaccination at Ramsgate.

Chickenpox Vaccination Ramsgate

Although this might be thought of as an innocent childhood illness, chickenpox can have serious consequences including pneumonia, severe skin infections and brain damage. Caused by the varicella zoster virus, it can be dangerous for people with a compromised immune system, and pregnant ladies as the infection can cause harm to their unborn baby

Chickenpox vaccination is available at our Ramsgate branch to children aged over one. Adults who have not had chickenpox are also eligible. The two doses are recommended for women considering pregnancy, and anyone working in healthcare or with young children who have not had chickenpox infection.

HPV Vaccination Ramsgate

The Human Papilloma Virus vaccine is relatively new and protects against cancers of the cervix, genital areas, and mouth. It also protects against genital warts. Although it was initially given to teenage girls, it is now being offered to teenage boys.

There are many reasons why someone may have missed the HPV vaccine on the NHS, including being outside the age range when the vaccine was introduced. In Ramsgate, we are committed to providing the HPV vaccine to men and women of any age who would like to protect their sexual health.

Meningitis Vaccination Ramsgate

If you or your child missed out on the Meningitis B or C vaccines for any reason, we are able to offer both vaccinations privately in Ramsgate. There is no need to risk these dangerous bacterial infections, and with our conveniently located clinic, it has never been easier to find time for an appointment with us.

Shingles Vaccination Ramsgate

Anyone who has had chickenpox is at risk of developing shingles later in life. Unfortunately, the NHS only funds the vaccine for people aged 70 or 78, meaning that many in the population remain unprotected. We offer the vaccine to anyone aged over 50 who would like to take advantage of it privately.

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