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Dietary tips to fight Typhoid and speed up recovery

Dietary tips to fight Typhoid and speed up recovery

Typhoid is an illness caused by the bacteria, Salmonella Typhi, and can lead to a high temperature or fever with vomiting and diarrhoea.  Infection travels easily from contaminated food and dirty drinking water in countries where there is poor hygiene and sanitation. Typhoid fever is very contagious and easily spread.  It can travel throughout the body and affect all the major organs leading to death in some cases.

Typhoid Vaccination
There are parts of the world where it is easy to catch typhoid and these include India, Asia, Africa and Central and South America.  For travellers, there is a vaccination to help protect against typhoid fever.  It is one single vaccination or three capsules over alternate days.  If you are looking for a typhoid vaccination in Ramsgate then visit our typhoid vaccination clinic in Ramsgate where we offer the typhoid vaccination with advice about how to stay safe when you travel.

Recovering from typhoid
Unfortunately, neither of the vaccination options can offer 100% immunity against typhoid and so people may still contract it during a foreign visit.  Typhoid fever requires prompt treatment with antibiotics and in severe cases, this will need to be done in hospital.

Typhoid fever drains all energy from the body through vomiting and diarrhoea and most patients also lose their appetite.  Nutrition, therefore, plays a big role in post typhoid recovery.

Because the digestive system has been affected, it is helpful to follow a typhoid diet plan which aims to restore health and energy to the patient increasing appetite and vitality. Preparing small, light meals is generally better than having less frequent but larger meals, aim for between three and five small meals per day.  Optimise nutrition and focus on high carbohydrate foods, highly digestible protein and a good intake of minerals and vitamins.  There are plenty of typhoid diet charts online and you can also find advice and information at our typhoid vaccination clinic in Ramsgate