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Early Symptoms of Yellow Fever

Early Symptoms of Yellow Fever


Yellow Fever is spread by biting mosquitoes and is a very unpleasant illness that is endemic in Central and South America, Trinidad in the Caribbean and parts of Africa.  The good news is that prevention of Yellow Fever is perfectly possible with the Yellow Fever vaccine. If you are travelling to parts of the world where there is a risk of contracting Yellow Fever, then book yourself a Yellow Fever vaccination at our travel clinic in Bromley or at our Yellow Fever clinic in Hanwell

The early symptoms of Yellow Fever

The first signs and symptoms of Yellow Fever develop around 4-5 days after being infected and may include:-

·         A headache

·         A high temperature or fever

·         A feeling of sickness or nausea plus actual vomiting

·         General aches and pains including backache

·         Sensitivity to light

·         A feeling of malaise or illness

·         Loss of appetite

Around a quarter of people with Yellow Fever will go on to develop more serious symptoms such as vomiting blood or passing blood in their stools, bleeding from the facial orifices or contracting jaundice which causes the skin and eyes to yellow.

For most people, treatment is the same as for something like gastric flu, so plenty of rest, hydration and anti-inflammatory medication. Those with the more serious symptoms of Yellow Fever will need hospitalisation and for a small percentage, the prognosis can be quite gloomy.

Because of the Yellow Fever vaccine, the prevention of Yellow Fever is quite simple although it is still advisable to protect yourself from mosquito bites by covering up with loose, cool clothing, using insect repellent spray and sleeping under mosquito nets at night. Some countries require certification to prove that you have had the Yellow Fever vaccination at point of entry. The Yellow Fever vaccine must be administered at least ten days prior to travelling and the travel certificate will not be valid until this time period has elapsed.

For advice and information about how to stay safe from Yellow Fever and other diseases carried by biting mosquitoes plus if you need the Yellow Fever vaccine, then visit our website. You can book an appointment for the Yellow Fever vaccination at our travel clinic in Bromley and we also offer a Yellow Fever clinic in Hanwell. https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/