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Five expert tips to prevent cholera

The most common symptom of cholera is the painful abdominal cramps and diarrhoea. The infection and the signs of cholera usually last for a week, and if not treated carefully or at the right time, cholera can also prove fatal and result in death. So the safest way to protect yourself from cholera is to counter the infection beforehand. Here are some tips to prevent cholera.

1. Use clean water for drinking and cooking

Get it tested for any bacteria from an authorised laboratory. If the samples test positive for the Cholera, inform your civic body. Avoid drinking that contaminated water directly. Boil it for a longer time before drinking or using it for the cooking purpose. Also, if you use a quality water purifier, get the water samples tested after purification. If that too tests positive for cholera, call the service provider and get your filters replaced.

2. Wash your hands

Wash your hands each time you are about to eat and visit the loo. Your hands should be washed for an at least of one minute with soap and rinsed properly with clean water. Make sure your cook also washes his/her hands clean before starting to cook and serve the food.

3. Clean the Utensils

Eat with a clean and washed spoon and plates. Unclean plates or plates cleaned in contaminated water can make you ill with Cholera.

4. Eat Cooked Food

Eat only that food which is thoroughly cooked. Avoid eating raw food. While eating, your food should be hot, and it should be consumed within at least two hours of cooking. With time, the bacterial load in the food starts growing, and you are more likely to get cholera infection.

5. Maintain personal hygiene

Regularly clip your nails and make sure your cook also cuts his/her nails on a regular basis. Avoid touching things needlessly. Also, avoid putting stuff in your mouth like biting your nails or chewing on a pen cap.

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