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Food Allergy Testing: How Often Should We Do It?

Food Allergy Testing How Often Should We Do It?


Having a suspected food allergy can seriously reduce your enjoyment of cooking at home and eating in restaurants. Food allergy testing can help put your mind at ease by confirming a food allergy, or reassuring you that an allergy is not present. We offer allergy testing in Bromley from our branch of Touchwood Pharmacy.

What Causes a Food Allergy

A food allergy is caused when the body’s immune system reacts to a substance within the food that will not actually cause you harm. From upsetting skin rashes to life threatening breathing difficulties, allergies can be mild to severe. People with an allergy may complain of nausea, bloating, diarrhoea or vomiting after ingesting certain substances. Common allergens (the substance that the body reacts to) include nuts, shellfish, gluten and lactose. With allergy testing UK available from Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer testing for over 40 common food allergens to help with your diagnosis.

Allergy Testing

Our allergy testing service and food intolerance test clinic can look for allergies in several ways. We offer advice on elimination diets, skin prick testing, and allergy blood tests. The blood tests are taken from the fingertip or earlobe, making them less invasive than a normal blood test.

Allergy Testing in Bromley

From your local branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, our specialists take a comprehensive history to understand the symptoms that are concerning you. They will consider which allergens may be affecting your body, and adjust their recommendations for a food sensitivity test accordingly. An appointment costs just £149 and can be arranged at a convenient time to suit you.

Advice and Treatment

The best treatment for a food allergy is the avoidance of the substance. Depending on the severity of your food allergy, it may be necessary for you to consider using antihistamines if you are exposed to the allergen. In severe cases, people carry emergency adrenaline treatment to prevent life threatening anaphylaxis.

Even if you have had food allergy testing in the past, many people choose to attend for a repeat food intolerance test. If you think your body is reacting to new allergens, or your allergy is worsening, talk to Touchwood Pharmacy today to book in for allergy testing in Bromley. Getting peace of mind can allow you to live your life without fear of allergy.

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