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How Can Earplugs Save You From Hearing Loss?

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) considers noise exposure to be one of the most common and irreversible illnesses amongst young people today. This is most frequently caused by loud sound exposure, usually to music. This is also known as NIHL or Noise-Induced Hearing Loss. If you are suffering from impaired hearing then it could be something as simple as a build up of ear wax. If you are looking for ear wax removal in Sydenham or ear wax removal in NORTHOLT then contact Touchwood Pharmacy. We also offer ear syringing in CAMBERLEY and ear microsuction in NORTHOLT.

Volume is defined by decibels. Studies suggest that a safe hearing level is 80 decibels. Most conversation has a sound volume of around 50-60 decibels. In comparison, the level of sound at a classical concert is usually around 85-90 decibels and at a rock concert, a staggering 120 decibels.

How does Volume cause Hearing Loss?

There are several different ways that excessive sound volume can impact on hearing. This includes one-off exposure like a music concert or repeated exposure such as in a work situation. Health and Safety regulations usually ensure that correct ear protection is mandatory in work environments which consistently produce noise above a certain level of decibels.

Perforated eardrums

Excessive noise can damage the eardrum causing this delicate membrane to split or tear. This not only causes painful earaches but will reduce your hearing ability.


Tinnitus is characterized by a constant ringing, buzzing or whining in the ears that can last for hours, days or even become permanent.

Muffled Sounds

A feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear is a common symptom after exposure to loud noise. This can make sound muffled and inaudible and reduce hearing in noisy environments like public places.

A simple measure like earplugs can protect your hearing whether the noise exposure is a one-off or on a regular basis. Earplugs don’t have to block out all sounds, they simple reduce decibels to an acceptable level.

Always get your hearing professionally checked as hearing impairement can be caused by something as simple as a build up of ear wax. Touchwood Pharmacy offer ear wax removal in Sydenham and ear wax removal in NORTHOLT. We also have an ear syringing service in CAMBERLEY and Ear Microsuction in NORTHOLT.