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How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Keep you Immune?

How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Keep you Immune?


You should consider having the rabies vaccine if you are travelling to parts of the world where rabies is endemic and you plan to stay for a few weeks or when there is limited access to medical facilities due to the remoteness of the location. Certain activities will put you at an increased risk of exposure and these include running or cycling and certain people are more at risk because of their work. The rabies vaccine is available at some high street pharmacies like Superdrug but if you are looking for the rabies vaccination in Bromley then get in contact with Touchwood Pharmacy, we also offer the rabies vaccination at our travel clinic in Ramsgate.

What does the rabies vaccine for humans consist of?

The rabies vaccination involves three doses and if you are paying for the vaccine, it typically costs around £40-£60 per injection with a total cost of between £120 and £180 for the full course.

The rabies vaccine is typically administered into the upper arm. The three doses are usually given over a period of 28 days. You should complete the entire course before you travel or are exposed to any risk of the disease.

What is the longevity of the rabies vaccine in humans?

The rabies vaccine has an effective period of ten years but if you are working in a high-risk situation, for instance, with animals or you are regularly travelling to areas in which rabies is endemic then you may need to have more frequent boosters. If your rabies vaccination was more than a year ago and you are intending to travel again to a high-risk area, then you will probably need a booster. Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about whether you require a booster shot.

Even if you have had the rabies vaccine, you should still seek urgent medical attention if you are scratched or bitten by an animal which you suspect has rabies.

Take advice from our travel clinic in Ramsgate which offers the rabies vaccination and you can also have the rabies vaccination at our premises in Bromley. Stay safe on your foreign travels. To find out more visit our website.https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/