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How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Last in Dogs?

How Long Does the Rabies Vaccine Last in Dogs?


Rabies is rare but very deadly infection of the brain and nerves, It is usually passed to people from a bite or a scratch of an infected animal. The virus can infect the body one of two ways. The virus enters the peripheral nervous system directly then migrates to the brain or it replicates within the muscle tissue, where it hides from the host’s immune system. From there, it will enter the nervous system through the neuromuscular Junction. Once the virus enters the nervous system it results in inflammation of the brain. Patients normally fall into a coma then dead soon follows.

Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Headaches
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Confusion and aggression
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Coma

At the time of the bite, there is usually now way to tell if the animal has infected a person with rabies. By the time any of the symptoms appear, it is generally too late to save the patient.


Pet Vaccination

Like people your pets need to be vaccinated, getting your dog a rabies shot is the best way to keep you and your pet safe. The vaccine is classed as an immunising agent, which means your pet will be injected with a deactivated train of the virus. Once injected the immune system will produce antibodies to the virus which will protect them if they are later bitten by an infected animal carrying the disease. You pet must be at least 12 or older and will cost £30-£60 which is far less than the cost of treating the disease once they are infected. It will also save your dog pain, discomfort and death and mean that you and your family will spare the stress of seeing your beloved pet sick. Some rabies vaccinations are licensed for one year, other are labelled for three years. Your veterinary will discuss this with you as well as go through the potential risks of the disease.

It is also important to keep yourself safe and prevent the risk of catching the disease, at Sydenham and Streatham Touchwood pharmacy we provide rabies vaccination for as little as £55 per dose. Get in touch with our staff and keep your self safe with Touchwood Pharmacy.