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How To Avoid Getting Chickenpox?

How to avoid getting chickenpox

Although many people see chickenpox as a mild childhood illness and rite of passage, it can develop into a nasty infection causing long term damage. Many parents and individuals are turning towards the chickenpox vaccine to prevent the virus from causing harm.

What is Chickenpox?

Chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, and people are often infected during childhood. At first, the child may seem generally unwell or miserable with a fever, tiredness and loss of appetite. The classic fluid-filled spots then begin to appear across the entire body. These spots are often sore and itchy. The fluid filled spots eventually dry out and scab over. Some children are left with scars, despite being careful not to scratch at the spots during the illness.

After infection, the chickenpox virus can lie dormant in the nerves and re-activate in later life causing shingles, an illness that presents as a painful rash with fever and lethargy.

Chickenpox Vaccination Northampton

If, like many parents, you are searching for the “chickenpox vaccine near me”, we are pleased to offer the chickenpox vaccine from our local branch of Touchwood Pharmacy. Two doses of the vaccine are required, around one month apart. The vaccine also helps to protect against shingles in later life.

Chickenpox Vaccination Service

The vaccine is available to children over the age of one, and adults who have not had chickenpox as a child. Chickenpox can cause damage to the unborn baby of a woman who contracts chickenpox whilst pregnant, so women who did not have chickenpox as a child may choose to undergo vaccination prior to trying for a baby. Chickenpox is also dangerous for anyone who is immunocompromised, for example, due to having chemotherapy. Some families choose to vaccinate children to avoid them unwittingly passing chickenpox on to close family members with a weakened immune system.

For peace of mind that you or your child are protected against chickenpox, call us today.