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How to remove earwax safely without any discomfort?

Earwax Removal

The wax in your ears tends to do a great job of taking care of itself. In addition to keeping your ears healthy and protecting your ear canal from damage and debris, it’s also self-cleaning. Once your earwax has dried up, it usually falls out on its own so you don’t usually need to do anything about it.

However, occasionally wax can end build up in your ears and lead to functional problems like dizziness, pain, and hearing loss. Excessive earwax can be caused by many different factors and becomes more likely the older we get because wax becomes drier with age.

Your ears are sensitive and are easily damaged so you shouldn’t try dealing with excessive wax on your own. Instead, you should contact a GP, hearing specialist, or a pharmacy like Touchwood Pharmacy. Using gentle and specialized tools, professionals can safely and easily remove excessive earwax in just one short appointment.

What Causes Earwax to Build Up?

The most common cause of earwax build up is from people trying to remove wax at home by putting swabs and other objects into their ears. Another common

People with narrow or damaged ear canals are more susceptible to developing a buildup of ear wax as are those with a lot of hair in their ear canals. Certain skin conditions and types of ear inflammation can also cause excessive earwax.

In addition to the symptoms above, a build up of wax can cause vertigo, tinnitus, and feeling like your ears are blocked. The symptoms can sometimes be so severe that a person’s quality of life is seriously impacted. These symptoms can be easily and quickly relieved with the ear wax removal services offered at Touchwood Pharmacy.

Earwax Removal Near Me

Touchwood Pharmacy offers safe, fast, and efficient ear wax removal at our community pharmacies in Camberley and Bromley. Within the comfort of one of our consulting rooms, one of our highly trained specialists will gently remove any wax build up in your ears within minutes.

Touchwood Pharmacy offer two methods of ear wax removal, ear microsuction and ear syringing.

  • Ear Syringing: Also known as ear irrigation, a warm stream of water is used to loosen excessive ear wax and impacted ear wax. It only takes a few minutes and rarely causes more than just minimal and temporary discomfort.
  • Ear Microsuction: People with more sensitive ears or harder wax may find ear microsuction to be the more effective option. A tiny vacuum is inserted into the ear to gently suck up the wax build up. Any symptoms caused by the excess wax should start to go away as soon as the procedure is done.

Get your ears back into shape with Touchwood Pharmacy’s ear wax removal in Hanwell, Lichfield, and Northolt. You can book a convenient appointment online on our website or over the phone.