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How to Test for Food Allergies and Intolerances?


How to Test for Food Allergies and Intolerances?


Having a food allergy or intolerance can spoil your enjoyment of life. From cooking at home to eating out in restaurants, you may have found that the pleasure you once gained from food is diminishing. If you think that you might have a food allergy or intolerance, you may be keen to attend for food allergy testing at Touchwood Pharmacy.

Allergy Testing Clinic

We run a comprehensive allergy clinic to include food intolerance testing. We can test for over 40 of the most common food allergens, to give you peace of mind about the foods you can and cannot eat. Some of the most common food allergens in the UK include gluten (found in wheat), nuts, shellfish and cow’s milk. As these ingredients are commonly used, it can be helpful to get a definite diagnosis so that you can exclude them from your diet. This is true whether you are cooking at home or eating in a restaurant.

Elimination Diets

Elimination diets can be started after discussion with one of our experienced members of staff. These diets can help to pinpoint which foods are causing symptoms of allergy or intolerance.

Skin Allergy Testing

One of the most common, and simple, methods of testing for an allergy is with a skin prick test. This can be done with minimal discomfort and with almost immediate results. A small dose of the allergen is introduced just beneath the skin, and if there is an allergic reaction, then this can be seen as a wheal or hive.

Blood Test

A small amount of blood can be taken from the fingertip or earlobe and sent to the lab for testing. This procedure is less uncomfortable than a normal blood test and is generally well tolerated. Results are made available once the laboratory has processed the sample.

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