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Is the Yellow Fever Shot Good for Life?

Is the Yellow Fever Shot Good for Life?


Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by the bite of infected mosquitoes. It is called yellow fever because some people will contract jaundice which affects the liver and they will develop a yellow pallor to their skin. Yellow fever can be prevented by vaccination and some countries will insist on a vaccination certificate at point of entry.  If you are looking for the yellow fever vaccination in Bromley, then  Touchwood Pharmacy has a yellow fever clinic in Bromley and we also offer the yellow fever vaccination in Ramsgate.

About 25% of people who contract yellow fever will go on to develop serious symptoms including jaundice and bleeding from the mouth, nose, eyes or ears.  Fortunately, the yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong immunity with just one shot.

What are the benefits of the yellow fever vaccine?

The yellow fever vaccine will keep you safe from the disease for life.  For most people who contract yellow fever, the disease is not serious. It is possible to manage the illness symptomatically at home with pain relief and anti-inflammatories and the disease will pass after about four to five days.  But some sufferers can go on to develop potentially life-threatening complications.

There is currently no cure for yellow fever, so the yellow fever vaccine offers preventative treatment which can protect you against a fatal disease as well as help you to avoid a potential minor illness which could spoil your holiday.

Does the yellow fever vaccine have any side effects?

Common side effects will include a localised reaction at the injection site which may swell and be sore to the touch, a lump may also develop. Otherwise, it is not unusual to develop flu-like symptoms such as aches and pains, a general feeling of malaise or a rash or headache which can persist for up to ten days after the injection. These side effects can all be managed with over the counter medication like Paracetamol and Ibuprofen.

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