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Is the Yellow Fever Vaccination suitable for Everyone?

Is the Yellow Fever Vaccination suitable for Everyone?


Yellow Fever is a nasty and serious infection spread by mosquitoes in certain parts of the world and if you are visiting any of these areas, it is recommended that you have a vaccination before you travel. Some of these countries will also insist you have a certificate proving you have had the yellow fever vaccine. Touchwood Pharmacy offers a yellow fever clinic in Hanwell and you can also have the yellow fever vaccination in Bromley.

The duration of the yellow fever vaccine is lifelong and so one dose is all anyone will need for protection- the injection does not have to be repeated.  The disease is spread by mosquitoes and commonplace in South and Central America, parts of Africa and Trinidad and the Caribbean.

Are there any side effects associated with the yellow fever vaccine?

Any reactions to the Yellow fever vaccine are usually quite mild and can include a low-grade fever, headache and sore muscles all of which can be treated and alleviated with over the counter pain relief and anti-inflammatories. On very rare occasions, some people can experience compromised breathing and difficulty swallowing which in severe situations can result in anaphylaxis.

Are there yellow fever vaccine side effects for those aged over 60?

Individuals aged over 60 are at an increased risk of complications from the yellow fever vaccine and most pharmacists will undertake a risk assessment based on the overall health of the patients and the likelihood of contracting Yellow fever on arrival at the travel destination. There may, of course, be a certificate requirement under International Health regulations which should be considered.

Touchwood Pharmacy offers the yellow fever vaccine in Bromley and you can have the vaccination at our yellow fever clinic in Hanwell.  Our professional pharmacists will advise on yellow fever vaccine side effects to keep an eye out for and highlight who may be more at risk from complications following this vaccination. Visit our comprehensive website to learn more https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/