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Know about allergies: Types, Tests and Prevention


Know about allergies: Types, Tests and Prevention


It is not unusual for some people to suffer from mild allergies since they often clear up once the trigger has been removed.  However, persistent allergies which can have unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms may prove particularly troublesome especially when it comes to pinpointing the cause.

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People can be allergic to many different types of things. A sense of control can be regained if the trigger for the allergy can at least be identified. There are different types of allergy testing:-

  • Skin prick test – this is a very common allergy test and involves putting a drop of liquid onto the forearm which contains a possible substance the patient is allergic to.  The skin below the lump is then gently pricked with the end of a fine needle.  If this causes an allergic reaction, then a small itchy red lump will appear and this conforms the allergen
  • Patch tests – these are used to investigate eczema.  A suspected allergen is attached to two metal discs which are taped to the skin for 48 hours and used to monitor any reaction
  • Elimination diet – the simple removal of particular foods from the diet one at at a time so any improvement can be monitored.  Re-introducing the food can confirm that it is the culprit when a reaction reoccurs.

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