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The Dangers of DIY Ear Wax Removal: Understanding the Risks and Why You Should Avoid Them

ear wax removal in Ramsgate

It might be tempting to grab a cotton swab to clean out your ears if they feel full of wax. However, doing this can end up making the problem worse and can even leave you with considerable damage to your ears. That’s why if you are looking for ear wax removal in Streatham or Hanwell, you should contact Touchwood Pharmacy for professional ear wax removal services.

The Risks of Removing Ear Wax at Home

You Could Damage Your Ears!

The inside of your ears is very sensitive so putting things inside them can accidentally rupture your ear drums and cause hearing loss. While this trauma has the potential to heal, it can be very painful and end up leaving lasting effects on your hearing and ear health.

Your Ears Could Become Infected.

Your ears are clever organs, with the ear wax they produce acting as a cleaning agent and as a barrier against foreign objects. Putting anything into your ear that shouldn’t be there can impact the natural balance of your ears. You also run the risk of removing too much ear wax and leaving your ears without the natural protection they need.

You Could Make the Problem Worse.

Using cotton buds or ear scoops often ends up pushing impacted or built-up wax further into the ears. This can lead to severe ear blockage, hearing loss, pain, and infection. These blockages can also make you feel dizzy, cause you to lose your balance, and to become nauseous.

How to Safely Remove Ear Wax

Trying to remove ear wax at home is usually more trouble than it’s worth, especially if you keep attempting it. To protect your ears, you should always seek a professional to help unblock your ears.

The clinicians at Touchwood Pharmacy are highly skilled in safely and successfully removing excessive ear wax through ear microsuction and ear syringing. Both methods are quick and won’t cause any major discomfort. While all medical procedures come with risks, the risks associated with professional ear wax removal are minimal- especially when compared to how dangerous removing wax at home can be.

Effective ear wax removal in Ramsgate, Leighton Buzzard, and Sydenham is available from Touchwood Pharmacy. We can help you protect your ears and restore your hearing safely and quickly.

Schedule an appointment online or contact us today to find out more about professional ear wax removal in Bromley and Camberley.