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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Chickenpox

Manage chickenpox effectively with nearby vaccine options

Though chickenpox is a mild illness, it’s highly infectious and can cause distress and discomfort for those who have it, especially children. Here’s what to bear in mind for managing chickenpox.

DO this for Chickenpox

Treat the itch

Chickenpox is famed for its itchy spots, but scratching can lead to scarring or infection. Chickenpox spots treated a cooling cream, gel, or calamine lotion has been found to reduce the itching significantly.

Keep the skin and spots clean

Bathe regularly to help avoid infection, as will changing clothing and bedding frequently. This will help for a speedy recovery from chicken pox.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will help their body get rid of the virus more quickly and prevent dehydration.

Stay home and isolated from family members

Once chickenpox is diagnosed, it is still very contagious until the final spot has crusted over. This is usually five days from the start of the rash. Stay home and away from family members who haven’t already had chickenpox.

Monitor the fever closely

Monitor your fever, if it gets very high and remains for many days, contact your doctor.

Take a soothing bath

A lukewarm bath can help soothe itchy skin, especially if you add finely ground oatmeal or an oatmeal-based bath product. Gently pat skin dry and use a separate clean towel for the infected person.

Get the vaccine (for family members who haven’t had Chickenpox)

Two doses of the chickenpox vaccine are over 90% effective at preventing it. Most people who get the vaccine don’t get chickenpox — and those who do usually get a much milder version of the disease. Get your chickenpox vaccination in Northampton (or any of our other branches) at Touchwood pharmacy. 

DON’T DO this for Chickenpox

Don’t use ibuprofen or aspirin

While paracetamol is fine to give and can help with a high temperature and aches and pains, ibuprofen can, in some cases, cause severe skin infections. It’s also important not to give children aspirin, as it may cause a serious condition called Reye’s Syndrome.

Don’t scratch

This is a tough one because the temptation is fierce. Pat the spots rather than scratch to prevent infection and scarring from the spots.

Don’t wear clothes that irritate skin

Wear soft and loose clothing to prevent irritating the skin

Touchwood pharmacy has a full range of effective treatments to soothe the itching of Chickenpox. Buy online or in-store. If you’re interested in receiving the vaccine, you can get the chickenpox vaccination in Northolt or any of our other branches throughout London.