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The Most Important Vaccines for Travelling Abroad

The Most Important Vaccines for Travelling Abroad


Before you travel abroad, the choice of travel vaccines can seem overwhelming. At our local travel clinic, our experienced staff can offer advice on all aspects of your travel health, including the vaccinations you should consider before leaving the UK.

Travel Vaccination Service

We offer a full range of travel vaccinations all at competitive prices. From hepatitis to rabies, we can help you to protect your health before you leave the UK. We offer appointments at convenient times to suit you. Our staff can also offer advice on antimalarials, mosquito nets, sunscreen and insect repellents.

Travel Clinic Northampton

At our clinic based at Touchwood Pharmacy in Northampton, we stock all of our travel vaccines including the yellow fever vaccine. Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for anyone traveling to Africa, Asia or South America. We also provide certification for this vaccination, as some countries will deny entry without proof of vaccination.

Hepatitis A vaccination is recommended when travelling to anywhere with lower hygiene standards or poor sanitation. Hepatitis B can be passed on through sexual contact, or via contaminated blood products. It is recommended when travelling to a country with less developed medical care provision.

Rabies is carried by dogs and other mammals. There is no known cure once symptoms begin, so it is recommended for anyone travelling or working rurally who may come into contact with stray animals.

The typhoid vaccine can be given orally or via an injection. Typhoid is a bacterial infection caused by salmonella and causes abdominal pain, headaches and vomiting. Antibiotic treatment is required for anyone who picks up this infection, and typhoid could really spoil your time abroad.

Japanese encephalitis vaccination is recommended for anyone travelling to Asia. Encephalitis means inflammation of the brain and this illness can lead to admission to hospital and intensive care. Vaccination prior to travel is highly recommended.

Travel Clinic

If you’re looking for a “travel clinic near me”, look no further than Touchwood Pharmacy. With a full travel vaccination service, you can protect your health locally and at a convenient time.

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