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The safety and precautions measures that need to be taken during Covid-19

The safety and precautions measures that need to be taken during Covid-19


The lockdown is over but now the real challenges start with people resuming their normal work and social lives and the risk of a second spike in infection.  There is lots of safety advice about Coronavirus in the public domain and plenty of information and misinformation about the best Coronavirus precautions to take, it can all become very confusing.  So what is the best Covid protection you can implement for yourself and your family?

Covid-19 safety and protection

  • Only use reputable websites for information and advice, use the gov website, the NHS and take advice from your pharmacist
  • Stay up to date with the rules about social distancing and how many households you can mix with
  • Face masks now need to be worn in public places like shops and on public transport, the rules keep altering so keep in touch with the latest updates.
  • Continue to wash your hands regularly when you return to your home and use alcohol-based hand sanitizer when you are out and about without access to handwashing facilities

What happens if you develop Covid-19 symptoms?

The symptoms of Coronavirus can include:-

  • A high temperature or fever
  • A new cough which is continuous, if you already have a cough then this might be worse
  • Any loss or change to your sense of taste or smell

You do not have to have all of these symptoms to have the Coronavirus, you may only have one of them.

For the protection of others from Covid, If you suspect you have Coronavirus then you should stay at home and self-isolate, do not visit your GP surgery or local hospital, medical advice can be taken over the phone from your doctor or by calling the NHS help number which is 111.  You will be advised to have a Coronavirus test as soon as possible, you are allowed to leave home to do this.  Anyone in your household or support bubble must also stay at home until you receive your test results.

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