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Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Your Trip

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Your Trip


Travelling and exploring new places, culture and food is a lifetime experience we can never trade for any other thing. However, a trip planned for many months can be cut short by falling sick – forcing you to return home or denying your participation in some fun during the travel.

Below are some tips to help you avoid getting sick during your trip.

Make Hand Washing a Habit

This is a very popular disease prevention technique but most of the time we forget it while we travel. Even health practitioners are mandated by NHS to always wash their hands for preventing infections. When possible, wash your hands with warm water especially after using the toilet. Remember to travel with a hand sanitizer too.

Do Not Switch Diet Immediately

Enjoying the local dishes is a nice way to have fun and explore the native cuisine during your trip. It is advisable though to still retain your home diet for some time while trying the local cuisine little by little. You can ask around where you can get food from your region or try getting the local food that is more related to your diet back home.

Get Vaccinated Before Leaving

There is no other effective tip than to getting vaccinated against probable infections at your travel destination. Before travelling, visit a travel clinic close to you. Most of these travel clinics such as Touchwood travel vaccine clinic usually give advice based on your planned location aside from the vaccine that you will be given.

Remember to Pack Your Medication

If you are currently on a medication, it is important to remember to pack it along when you are travelling as it is possible you may not get the same brand of medication at your destination as the one prescribed to you. If you get your travel vaccinations in London at Touchwood Pharmacy travel clinic, for instance, our experts will prescribe medications you may need for optimal protection during your trip such as anti-malaria medications.