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Travel Health Kit: Essential Items to Pack When Travelling Abroad

Travel Health Kit - Touchwood Pharmacy

It is best to be prepared for anything when you travel. This means having a suitable travel health kit packed with the items you may need during your trip to take care of yourself. Access to medical care, pharmacies, and medical supplies may not be what you expect, especially when visiting developing countries. 

Travel Kit Essentials

First of all, you should pack any prescriptions you regularly take such as insulin, inhalers, epi-pens, and heart medications. Pack enough to last the duration of your trip because you may struggle to get refills abroad. If you are going to be on an extended trip, let your GP know and they should be able to dispense extra medication. 

There are over the counter medications you should consider packing, too, like motion sickness medicine, antacids, and indigestion medications. Just in case you catch a cold abroad, you might want to include decongestants, pain relievers, throat lozenges, tissues, and wipes. 

Hand sanitiser and suncream are a must as are common first aid kit items like plasters, antiseptics, and cotton swabs. Additionally, many people include aloe vera, aftersun, and anti-itch ointments.

If you are going to be travelling in areas like the tropics, Latin America, or parts of Africa, it may be wise to take water purification tablets, anti-malaria medications, insect repellant, and diarrhoea treatment.


It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when packing a medical kit, but you should have copies of your travel documents, prescriptions, health insurance, your emergency contact information, and any proof of vaccination that might be required. 

Travelling Vaccination

When it comes to travel vaccination, it is recommended you get ones for diseases that are more prevalent in the regions you will be travelling to. This includes diseases such as:

These vaccines are not typically covered by the NHS or health insurance but can be obtained privately through services like Touchwood Pharmacy’s travel clinics. We can advise you on any measures you should take, including which vaccines you might want to get. All your questions will be answered and we will provide you with high quality and knowledgeable service. Book your travelling vaccination appointment online. https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/