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Travel Medicine: The Difference Between Routine, Required, and Recommended vaccines

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It has been a long time coming, but travel abroad is finally making a comeback. There are bags to pack, visas to get, and travel-sized toiletries to buy. However, if you are travelling to certain parts of the world, you might be putting yourself at risk of diseases you aren’t normally exposed to in the UK. Luckily, many of these diseases can be prevented through vaccinations.

Routine Vaccinations

When you think of routine vaccinations, you might think of those that you got as a baby and a young child like the MMR vaccine. However, there are routine vaccinations that adults should get, too, especially if you will be travelling to certain regions.

The routine vaccinations you should get will depend on your age, medical history, and where you will be travelling. Even if you have previously been vaccinated, if you are going to an area where certain diseases are more common than they are in the western world, a second vaccine might be advisable.

Required Vaccinations

Some countries require proof of vaccination before you can enter, especially if you have been previously travelling in countries that are considered high risk. Each country has different requirements, so you should check what you need to avoid travel disruptions.  

Recommended Vaccinations

There are other vaccinations you may want to get even though they aren’t routine or required. They will protect you from illnesses you would not normally encounter unless you were travelling. This is especially true if you are visiting an area with mosquitos, poor sanitation, or unclean water.

There are many tropical and sub-saharan diseases that can only be treated with proper medical screening and diagnosis. Depending on where you are travelling, access to medical care may be limited. This is why it is very important to get vaccinated ahead of time and to take precautions during your travels.

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