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Typhoid Vaccination for International Travel

Typhoid Vaccination for International Travel


If you are planning a trip abroad, it can feel impossible to get through all the pre-travel jobs on your ‘to-do’ list. Ensuring your passport is in date, picking up foreign currency and topping up on sunscreen can all take time, but it’s important to make time for travel vaccinations including the typhoid fever vaccine.

Typhoid Vaccination Ramsgate

Typhoid, or typhoid fever, is an infection caused by the bacteria salmonella. The infection is spread by eating or drinking water or food that is contaminated with faeces from another person with typhoid. It is therefore more common in areas of poor sanitation, or where food is prepared without good hand hygiene practices. If you were to contract typhoid, you would require treatment with antibiotics, but as antibiotic resistance has started to occur, treatment can take time.

The infection causes a high fever, abdominal pain, weakness and headaches. It can last for up to four weeks and could therefore ruin the trip of a lifetime if you find yourself stuck in bed. At our conveniently located travel clinic, you can attend for typhoid fever vaccination Ramsgate for peace of mind about your travel health before you leave the UK.

Typhoid Fever Vaccination Clinic Ramsgate

At our clinic on the High Street in Minster, a vaccine expert will take time to understand the nature of your upcoming trip and advise on the vaccinations you should consider. The advice you receive will be tailored to the countries you plan to visit, and the activities you may be keen to take part in. In 2015, there were 12.5 million cases of typhoid worldwide, so this vaccination is certainly one to consider before you leave the UK.

The vaccine offers around 90% protection against typhoid for two years and can continue to offer some protection for up to seven years. Our staff can also offer advice on anti-malarial medications, insect repellents and sun safety.

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