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Understanding Different Types of Private Blood Tests: From Basic Health Checks to Advanced Screening Panels

private blood tests in Lichfield

There’s a reason blood tests are one of the most requested tests when people are feeling unwell. Blood tests can discover a lot about your overall health as well as give insights to specific conditions and diseases.

Blood work can also be used as a preventative tool for potentially serious health problems like high cholesterol, heart disease, and certain cancers. Early detection is often key to successful treatment so knowing your risks as soon as possible can boost your chances of having a long and happy life.

The highly trained specialists and clinicians at Touchwood Pharmacy can carry out a wide range of private blood tests in Bromley and Hanwell to give you information about your body and to give you peace of mind.

General Blood Profile Test

A general blood test is a valuable diagnostic tool to check your overall health and wellbeing. Also known as a Complete Blood Count (CBC) test, it can detect a wide range of diseases and disorders or whether you’re at risk of developing them.

Even if you aren’t worried about any particular health concerns, a CBC test can help give you a good picture of the current state of your health.

Cholesterol Check

Cholesterol is a natural, waxy substance found in your blood that helps with cell function and healthy cell production. When your cholesterol levels are too high, however, you’re at risk of several serious health complications. High cholesterol usually doesn’t present with any noticeable symptoms so the only way to know if your levels are too high is through blood testing.

Prostate Profile Blood Test

A prostate profile, or PSA test, is a type of blood test that measures the amount of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in your blood. PSA is a protein produced by the prostate so you should have a certain amount of PSA in your blood stream. This level tends to rise as we age, but a higher-than-normal PSA count can be an indication of a problem with your prostate or prostate cancer.

Sports Fitness Blood Profile

A sports fitness test is useful for anyone who wants insight into their fitness before starting a programme or to monitor their progress during an existing programme. It checks important biomarkers like iron, testosterone, magnesium, and cholesterol. Knowing these levels can help you make the most of your sports and fitness journey because imbalances can impact your body composition and ability to gain and retain muscle.

Other Types of Blood Tests at Touchwood Pharmacy:

  • Iron Check
  • Well Woman Test
  • Well Man Test
  • Thyroid Function
  • STI Testing
  • Tiredness and Fatigue Profile
  • Erectile Dysfunction Profile
  • Diabetes Testing
  • Liver Function
  • Heart Health Profile

For fast, reliable, and convenient private blood tests in Lichfield and Streatham, contact Touchwood Pharmacy. You can also easily book an appointment online through our appointment portal. No matter what your health concern is, Touchwood Pharmacy is here to help.