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What Allergens are Tested for in an Allergy Test?


What Allergens are Tested for in an Allergy Test?


There are many different types of allergies but the most common ones that are tested for include allergies to pollen, mould, pet dander, dust mites and foods.   Touchwood Pharmacy offers allergy testing in Northolt and also allergy testing in Walsall for quick and accurate results to help you manage allergic reactions plus full pharmacy support and guidance for appropriate treatments.

How to Identify an Allergy?

It can be really difficult to identify an allergy if you have no idea what is causing it; this is where allergy testing can be very useful. Some people try a self-help method which involves withdrawing or omitting something, usually from their diet, to see which changes occur. This approach is less effective with environmental triggers which may be within the home and it can sometimes be impossible to isolate the suspected cause.

What is the best allergy test?

The Skin Prick Test or SPT is the most accurate and least expensive way to confirm allergens.

Skin Allergy Test

SPT is simple, safe and very quick providing results within 15-20 minutes. Selected allergens are placed one at a time usually on the skin of the inner forearm and the skin is then pricked with a lancet through the drop. If the patient shows a sensitivity to the substance then a localised allergic reaction will occur usually in the form of swelling such as a bump or red weal, often with itching at the injection site. The larger the weal or the greater the swelling, the more serious your allergic response is to the substance. The skin allergy test is safe for all age groups including babies.

Food Allergy Test

Doctors often use a combination of the skin prick test and blood tests to diagnose a food allergy. A testing laboratory will check the blood sample of IgE antibodies in response to specific foods. If the skin and blood results are unclear, then something called a food challenge can be carried out by a doctor or qualified allergist. This involves the patient gradually eating increasing amounts of the suspected food whilst under observation for the development of any symptoms.

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