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What are the differences between Hepatitis A, B and C?

What are the differences between Hepatitis A, B and C?


Most people have heard of Hepatitis but many don’t know the difference between the three different types or even that there are three different forms of Hepatitis.  Hepatitis is a dangerous and uncomfortable disease of the liver and thought to be a leading cause of liver cancer.  Touchwood Pharmacy offers the Hepatitis travel vaccination from their travel clinics in Ramsgate and Camberley.

What are the symptoms of Hepatitis?

The symptoms for Hepatitis A, B and C are quite similar and may include:-

  • Fever
  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • A dark tinge to the urine
  • Joint pain
  • Jaundice which is a yellowing of the eyes and skin

Some people contract Hepatitis and are asymptomatic so they don’t even know they have it until they become very sick.

What is the difference between the different forms of Hepatitis?

Hepatitis A – causes sickness which lasts from a few weeks up to several months but most people recover with no lasting damage to their liver.  Hepatitis A is usually treated with supportive care as there are no specific medications or treatment.  There is an effective vaccine against Hepatitis A

Hepatitis B- this is the version of Hepatitis associated with intravenous drug use and sexual transmission.  Unlike Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B has the potential to become a chronic infection that requires lifelong care and management. There is a separate vaccine for Hepatitis B but there is also a combination A and B vaccine available

Hepatitis C – Hepatitis C is the form of Hepatitis known to be asymptomatic until the disease has reached an advanced stage.  Because of this, more than 50% of the people who contract Hepatitis C go on to chronic infection.  The primary mode of transmission is blood exposure.  Hepatitis C is curable due to the advances in medicine, it is the only chronic viral disease which can be cured. There is no vaccination available for Hepatitis C

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