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What are the Signs & Symptoms of Hepatitis?

What are the Signs & Symptoms of Hepatitis?

Hepatitis is a generic term used to describe inflammation of the liver.  There are different types of Hepatitis disease, some pass without any serious problems or even many symptoms whereas others can be long-lasting and chronic and will cause scarring of the liver, loss of liver function and sometimes, cancer of the liver.  If you are travelling abroad, it may be advisable to have a Hepatitis vaccination to protect against Hepatitis A.  Touchwood Pharmacy offer the Hepatitis travel vaccination at their clinic in HanwellWe also offer the Hepatitis travel vaccination at our immunisation clinic in Northolt.

What are the causes of hepatitis?

The type of Hepatitis which travellers are concerned about is Hepatitis A which is usually caught in countries with poor hand hygiene, general lack of adequate sanitation and difficulty accessing clean drinking water.

Hepatitis A is usually caught by consuming food or drink which has been contaminated by the faeces of an infected person.  There is no specific treatment for Hepatitis A other than to manage the symptoms as they arise with pain relief and anti-inflammatories.  The disease will usually run its course in a few months although sometimes it can be serious and even life-threatening.

Vaccination against Hepatitis A is recommended if you are travelling to a part of the world where it is commonplace and these areas include Africa, Central and South America, the Far East and the Indian Subcontinent.  Hepatitis A is also found in some parts of eastern Europe.

Signs of hepatitis

The symptoms of hepatitis include:-

·         Aches and pains

·         High temperature or fever

·         Nausea and sickness

·         Excessive tiredness

·         A general feeling of illness or malaise

·         Tummy ache

·         Loss of appetite

·         Dark-coloured urine

·         Itchy skin

·         Pale grey-coloured stools

·         Yellowing of the eyes and skin which is called jaundice

Contact Touchwood Pharmacy for the latest travel guidance on staying safe from Hepatitis on your trip abroad.  We offer the Hepatitis travel vaccination at our clinics in Hanwell and Northolt plus information about other travel vaccinations you may need. Read more on our website https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/