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What are the Stages of Chickenpox?


What are the Stages of Chickenpox?

Chickenpox is a disease associated with small children although you can catch it at any age. There is now a vaccine available for Chickenpox and Touchwood Pharmacy offer the Chickenpox vaccination at our clinics in Sydenham and the Chickenpox vaccination in Streatham

What are the stages of Chickenpox?

  • Chickenpox starts with small red spots which can appear anywhere on the body. This is typically preceded by a period of a high temperature and the child or adult will feel unwell with aches and pains and loss of appetite
  • The spots will then start to fill with fluid and blister, some of them may burst
  • The spots will scab over and more spots may appear on different parts of the body
  • The high temperature can persist whilst the spots are present
  • The spots will itch

Chickenpox will usually make adults feel very unwell, although it can also be quite serious in children.

How does Chickenpox spread?

Chickenpox spreads very easily on contact with the skin of an infected person, on their clothes or bedding which contains fluid from the blisters. Sufferers are infectious from two days before the spots appear until they have crusted over, which is usually a window of around five days. Because it is infectious before the spots appear, it can be hard to identify Chickenpox as the other general symptoms are quite similar to a range of other illnesses.

What is the treatment for Chickenpox?

Treatment revolves around managing the symptoms whilst waiting for the illness to run its course.

  •  Drink plenty – stay hydrated
  •  Use paracetamol and Ibuprofen or the child equivalents to manage aches, pains and fever
  •  Use scratch mitts on children at night
  • Cut the child’s nails
  • Apply topical cooling gels and creams
  • Bathe in cool water
  • Dress in loose clothes

Shingles is a type of Chickenpox and is a disease which can occur later in life triggered by Chickenpox from many years earlier. When you contract Chickenpox, the virus remains in the body and can be triggered again when the immune system is compromised due to other illnesses, stress or interventions like chemotherapy.

Touchwood Pharmacy offers the Chickenpox vaccination in Streatham and also the Chickenpox vaccination at our clinic in Sydenham. For more information about Chickenpox and the other vaccinations we offer, visit our website. https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/