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What is Typhoid fever and how do you treat it?

What is Typhoid fever and how do you treat it?


Typhoid fever, to give it the proper name, is a bacterial infection that can spread throughout the body affecting the major organs. It is treatable but without prompt treatment, it can cause serious complications and ultimately end up being fatal. If you are looking for the typhoid vaccination in Bromley then visit our typhoid vaccination clinic in BromleyWe also run a typhoid vaccination clinic in Streatham if you are travelling to parts of the world where typhoid is endemic.

What are the causes of typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is a bacterial infection caused by the bacterium Salmonella typhi which is a close relative of the bacteria that causes Salmonella food poisoning. It is highly contagious and is passed via infected faeces in areas of the world where there is poor sanitation, limited or no access to clean drinking water or poor hygiene practices in the preparation of food.

What are the symptoms of typhoid fever?

The symptoms include:

·         A high temperature or fever

·         Aches and pains

·         Cough

·         Constipation or Diarrhoea

·         Headaches

Typhoid Fever treatment

Typhoid fever requires prompt treatment with antibiotics. An early diagnosis means the infection is probably mild and most patients can remain at home with a course of tablets which will last between seven and fourteen days. Serious cases of typhoid will require hospital admission so that antibiotics can be administered intravenously.  Prompt antibiotic treatment means that the disease doesn’t usually develop any further and the patient will recover. If typhoid fever remains untreated, then around 20% of patients will die from it. Survivors can have long-term complications caused by the infection.

Typhoid fever can be prevented by the typhoid vaccination and in the UK, among which there are two vaccines available that can provide some protection. There exists a single injection or the alternative is to take three capsules over the course of six days, one every other day. Neither vaccine offers 100% protection so it is important to continue to take sensible precautions whilst you are travelling to avoid the infection. Your pharmacy can advise you on how to stay safe.

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