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What is Typhoid Vaccination?

What is Typhoid Vaccination?


At Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer the typhoid vaccine injection as part of our range of travel vaccinations in our travel clinic. For local, convenient travel vaccination appointments, trust your local Touchwood Pharmacy to take care of every detail.

What is Typhoid?

Typhoid, also known as typhoid fever, is a bacterial infection caused by a specific type of salmonella. People infected with typhoid complain of a high fever, abdominal pain, constipation and vomiting. It can be associated with a rash. The disease is most commonly found in India and is spread via the faecal oral route. It is often associated with poor sanitation or poor hand hygiene which increases the risk of spread.

Typhoid requires prompt antibiotic treatment for one to two weeks, and rehydration. More severe cases of typhoid may require admission to hospital for antibiotics to be given via a drip.

Getting typhoid fever could spoil your travel plans, but luckily the typhoid injection and oral typhoid vaccine can be obtained before you leave the UK at Touchwood Pharmacy.

Typhoid Fever Vaccine

At our Typhoid vaccination clinic, having the vaccine can prevent 40%-90% of cases during the first two years.

You may choose to have the typhoid injection; just one injection protects for around two years before a booster is required. As with many injectable vaccines, side effects include soreness and redness or swelling at the injection site. The oral typhoid vaccine protects for up to five years but can lead to some nausea or a stomach ache. Three oral doses are required on alternate days, compared to one typhoid injection.

Both vaccines cost just £30 per dose via Touchwood Pharmacy travel clinic.

Typhoid Vaccine NHS

The NHS recommends the typhoid fever vaccine to travellers visiting Asia, Africa or South America, especially if you are planning to work with local people. The NHS also recommends only drinking bottled water and avoiding foods that could potentially be contaminated. If typhoid fever isn’t treated, around one in five people die of the disease. Attending for vaccination, and following good hand hygiene practices when abroad, is therefore of utmost importance.

To book into our typhoid vaccination clinic, call Touchwood Pharmacy today.