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What is Yellow Fever? And How Can You Prevent it?

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Yellow fever is a rare but serious infection that is spread by mosquito bites. It is found in South America, Central America, the Caribbean, and parts of sub-Saharan Africa. If you will be traveling to any of these regions, it is important to protect yourself from potentially contracting this dangerous disease.

Yellow Fever Symptoms

It can take 3-6 days for any symptoms to appear after you’ve contracted the virus. Once the infection goes into its acute phase, symptoms include severe headache, fever, nausea, achiness, and feeling generally unwell.

The majority of people will only experience the acute phase and will improve after a few days. However, up to 1/5 of people will go into the toxic phase of the infection. This results in additional complications such as:

  • A high-grade fever
  • Internal bleeding
  • Vomiting blood
  • Jaundice
  • Organ failure
  • Delirium, seizures, or coma

Of those who go into the toxic phase of yellow fever, 20-50% of cases will become fatal. There is no cure for it, so any medical treatment given will only ease the symptoms. 

Yellow Fever Prevention

If you will be in a yellow fever endemic region, you should guard yourself against mosquito bites. This includes limiting outdoor exposure, wearing long sleeves and pants, using mosquito repellant, and sleeping under a mosquito net.

While essential, these precautions are not completely foolproof. That is why it is recommended that in addition to these precautions, travelers also get the extremely effective yellow fever vaccine. Many countries require proof of vaccination before you will be allowed in.

The yellow fever vaccine is a one-dose jab given in the upper arm that can give you life-long protection. You should get it at least 10 days before your intended travel date. Further doses are only recommended for those who spend prolonged periods of time in high-risk regions, have a weakened immune system, or are pregnant.

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