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Who Should take a Food Intolerance Test and Why?

Who Should take a Food Intolerance Test and Why?


Some people suffer from food intolerances which means their body has a reaction to certain food ingredients and finds them difficult to digest.  This can result in unpleasant reactions ranging from uncomfortable to painful and sometimes, on rare occasions, these reactions can be life-threatening. If you are looking for food allergy testing in Camberley then get in contact with Touchwood Pharmacy.  We also offer food allergy testing services in Walsall.

What are the symptoms of food allergies or food intolerance?

Intolerance to certain foods can cause a range of uncomfortable and painful symptoms including:

·         bloating

·         tummy pain

·         acute stomach cramps

·         irritable bowel

·         trapped wind

·         diarrhoea

·         skin rashes and itching

A Food Intolerance Test can help establish which specific foods are the culprit although some GPs will recommend that trial and error can also be effective by keeping a food diary. A food diary involves noting down the daily meals and matching these to episodes where there is a reaction.

Identification of the trigger foods can be confirmed by withdrawing these foods from the diet and monitoring any symptoms or the absence of them. That food can then be reintroduced as some foods will be tolerated but only in small quantities. By judging the absence of symptoms and their reappearance, it should easily and specifically allow you to identify the culprit but the picture can be complicated if there is an intolerance to more than just one type of food. It is also important to maintain a balanced diet for overall general health and so withdrawing certain key foods for long periods should only be undertaken on the advice of a dietician.

Touchwood Pharmacy offers allergy testing in Camberley and Walsall which can help you to identify more quickly whether you have an intolerance to certain foods.  Unfortunately, the symptoms of food intolerance are shared with other diseases like IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stress, Coeliac disease and inflammatory bowel disease so finding an early diagnosis or being able to rule out a food intolerance is important.

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