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Why consider Rabies Vaccination?

Why consider Rabies Vaccination?


Rabies is a viral infection that affects humans and other mammals. The virus is found in animals across India, Africa, Australia and The United States of America. It is passed on to humans by the infected bite of an animal carrying the disease. The rabies vaccine is available from your local branch of Touchwood Pharmacy and is highly recommended if you are travelling to one of these areas.

What is Rabies?

Rabies causes inflammation of the brain in humans, and symptoms include fever, violent movements, severe fear of water, and an ability to move parts of the body. The infection causes confusion and loss of consciousness. Once symptoms begin, rabies is almost always fatal. Getting the rabies injection before you travel may be one of the most important decisions you ever make.

How is Rabies Transmitted?

An animal, often a dog, with rabies needs to bite or scratch a human for them to become infected with the virus. Once the virus is in the body, it travels up the peripheral nerves until it reaches the central nervous system, including the brain. Some travellers will be more at risk of rabies than others, for example, those who are visiting rural areas, or those working with animals. These travellers should certainly not leave the UK before having their rabies vaccine.

Rabies Vaccine For Humans

The most modern rabies vaccine was pioneered in 1967 and has helped control rabies in areas where the vaccine is routinely used. Sadly, there are still many cases of rabies worldwide, with 17,400 deaths in 2015. Over 95% of these deaths were in Africa and Asia. Rabies is classified as a neglected tropical disease.

Anti Rabies Vaccine Touchwood Pharmacy

At Touchwood Pharmacy, we offer a comprehensive travel clinic service to anyone wishing to protect their health prior to travelling abroad. All of our travel vaccinations are competitively priced, and the rabies injection costs just £55 per dose. We offer convenient appointment times in your local area, meaning there’s never been an easier way to get your travel health up to date. Our experienced staff can provide travel advice over the phone or in person.

Call us today to discuss your travel health needs, including the rabies vaccine.