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Why Getting a Rabies Vaccine Could Save Your Life?

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The UK government declared that the country has been rabies-free since the start of the 20th century. According to the government, the country’s last recorded case of rabies was in 2012, but the patient got infected due to a dog bite in South Asia. However, it is still necessary to take all protections against rabies if you plan to travel to a destination where rabies still exists. Getting the rabies vaccine can be your best protection against the infection.

If you have plans for overseas travel to a place where rabies remains a common occurrence, these are the things you need to know.

Who Should Get the Rabies Vaccine?

You must prioritise getting a rabies vaccination dose if you have plans to go to a country where rabies is still prevalent.

You must also start typing “rabies vaccination near me” in your browser if you are:

  • Intending to stay for a month or more in an area where rabies is present;
  • Staying in a place where accessible medical care is not available; or
  • Scheduled to join activities where you will be exposed to rabies-infected animals, like camping, cycling, or running.

When Should You Get the Rabies Vaccines?

It usually takes approximately one month to complete the vaccine doses for rabies. So if you have already booked your plane ticket, you must start getting your first dose of the vaccine ahead of time.

Three doses of vaccines are necessary to protect you from rabies completely. The doses are usually given in 28 days. So if you plan to go to a country flagged as high-risk for rabies, you must complete your rabies vaccine doses before your flight.

Who are at Risk of Getting the Rabies?

Some professions are more at risk of getting rabies infection. Thus, it is necessary to get them vaccinated. These professions include:

  • Workers handling imported animals (Employees of animal quarantine facilities);
  • Workers who handle bats regularly; and
  • Clinical or laboratory staff who process rabies samples.

Talk to your employer or your local occupational health provider about their vaccine provisions.

How Long Does Rabies Vaccine Last?

Unlike the rabies vaccination for dogs, where your pet must get the shot every three years, the rabies vaccination validity for humans usually lasts a lifetime if they receive the total dosage.

After getting the full three doses, you do not have to obtain a booster shot. But you might be asked to get the booster if you are considered at high risk for the infection.