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Why travel vaccinations are important before international trips?

Why travel vaccinations are important before international trips?


Travelling abroad may expose you to diverse health risks and you need to protect yourself against it. This is the reason why you are recommended to visit a travel clinic or your doctor prior to your travel.  The visit to a travel clinic will ensure you are well prepared for your trip. You get to know the health risks involved at your place of a visit, the vaccinations required before your visit and the precautions to take during your visit.

When to visit a travel clinic?

A travel clinic should be among your plans ahead of your travel.  You should at least plan a visit to your doctor four to six weeks. This is because most vaccination requires a month to be fully effective in your body.  However, you still need to visit your doctor even if your trip is in a week’s time. Getting vaccinations is of great importance because they will make your trip a success and protect you from diseases.  Here, necessary vaccinations are provided with regard to your destination, and your health history.

Travel vaccinations

These are very important prior to your dream vacation, when travelling for business or whether you are going to attend college in a different country.  Anti-malaria drugs are required when travelling to tropical areas. You will be at a higher risk of malaria outbreaks and the tablets will protect you from malaria which can be life-threatening. Chickenpox vaccination in Streatham will protect you from chickenpox and its complications and is recommended even for adults who failed to get it in their childhood.

You should always ensure that you and your child’s routine vaccinations are up to date prior to your travel.  Some routine vaccination needed includes meningococcal, cholera,   tetanus, and measles. HPV vaccination in Sydenham is also an important routine vaccination which protects against cervical cancer.

Proof of vaccination

Some countries require documentation of some vaccine so that you can be allowed to enter the country. Yellow fever vaccine is required for a permit to enter some countries and ensure you plan ahead and get to know if your destination requires the documentation.  Yellow fever is prevalent in some parts of South America and Africa, getting the vaccine will prevent you from this disease.


Travel vaccinations play a major role in ensuring your safety from many diseases that can be prevented through vaccination.