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Yellow Fever is a danger to your health

Yellow Fever is a danger to your health


Yellow Fever is a serious infection spread by mosquitoes and is prevalent in parts of Africa, South America, Central America and Trinidad in the Caribbean.  There is a yellow fever vaccine which is recommended if you are travelling to any of these areas where the infection is found.  Some countries require you to have a certificate proving that you have had the yellow fever vaccine before you travelledOne dose of the vaccine is sufficient and will provide lifelong protection.  You can obtain your yellow fever vaccination in Bromley by contacting Touchwood Pharmacy.

What are the symptoms of yellow fever?

Yellow fever is a virus spread by mosquitoes, it cannot be caught via person to person contact.  Even if you have had the yellow fever vaccine, you should still avoid being bitten by mosquitoes by wearing appropriate clothing, using insect repellent and mosquito nets when you are sleeping.

Yellow fever can cause:-

  • a high temperature
  • headache
  • sickness and vomiting
  • muscle pain or backache
  • light sensitivity for the eyes

Around 25% of sufferers go on to develop more serious symptoms which can include:-

  • yellowing of the skin and eyes often called jaundice
  • bleeding from the mouth, nose, ears or eyes
  • blood in the vomit or the faeces

What is the treatment for yellow fever?

There is no cure for yellow fever so the disease is managed symptomatically whilst your body fights off the infection.  Most people with no serious underlying health conditions make a full recovery within about a week.  But for those who exhibit the most serious symptoms, the death rate from yellow fever is around 50%.  Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories will help with the aches and pains and lower the raised temperature.  Sufferers with persistently serious symptoms will need to go to the hospital.

Speak to Touchwood Pharmacy to know whether you require the yellow fever vaccine and certification for your trip abroad.  The vaccine should be administered at least ten days before you travel.  If you are looking for yellow fever vaccination in Bromley then Touchwood Pharmacy can help.  We have more information on our website https://www.touchwoodpharmacy.com/