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5 Important Tests for Diabetes

5 Important Tests for Diabetes

Lifestyle diabetes is becoming an increasingly common problem in the UK population largely due to the obesity crisis. Around 90% of diabetes in the UK is Type 2 diabetes which is called lifestyle diabetes. Find out more about the different tests for diabetes and how to monitor your blood sugar level from Touchwood Pharmacy. We can also make appointments for a diabetes test.

5 Important Tests for Diabetes

A diabetes test monitors your blood sugar level and the most common type of test for Type 2 diabetes is a blood test. The blood test will detect if your blood sugar levels are too high however, this will require evaluation by a professional as there are other things that can cause your blood sugar levels to rise.

One of the most common tests is called a fasting blood sugar test. After fasting overnight, the blood sample is taken first thing in the morning. Another option is a two-hour postprandial test which means the blood is taken two hours after you have eaten a meal. A random blood sugar test is performed at any time regardless of when you last ate.

The hemoglobin or A1C test measures how much sugar is stuck to your red blood cells or glycated. This is more historic and can look back at your blood sugar levels over the last two to three months.

Monitoring blood sugar levels is just one important test for people with diabetes. Diabetes can cause problems with major organs including cardiovascular disease.

Other Important Diabetes Tests and Checks

Your doctor may perform a kidney function test to check that the kidneys are performing properly whilst you are treating diabetes. Blood pressure checks act as a measurement for cardiovascular performance.

Because Type 2 diabetes is linked to carrying excess weight and obesity, a bodyweight measurement to determine your BMI – Body Mass Index – provides a benchmark to monitor the impact of a change of diet and increased exercise.

Foot checks are part of a diabetes maintenance program. Anyone with diabetes should have an annual foot check to make sure the skin and nerve function of their feet is not compromised or impaired in any way. Your doctor may also recommend you have a cholesterol test as people with diabetes are more prone to high cholesterol.

Find out how to manage your blood sugar level and what tests are available for diabetes at Touchwood Pharmacy. A simple diabetes test is essential on the road to good health and a better lifestyle.