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Do we need yellow fever vaccination to travel abroad?

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Ramsgate and Northampton

It’s not just covid-19 that you may need to be vaccinated against before travelling to certain countries. Many regions require proof of vaccination against other diseases, like tuberculosis, polio, rabies, and yellow fever. Some countries also require proof of vaccination if you’re arriving from certain regions.

If you’re unsure which vaccinations you may need before your trip, information can be found on the NHS, CDC, and WHO websites. Information changes regularly so be sure to check often. You can also make an appointment with an experienced travel clinic like Touchwood Pharmacy. Our travel clinic can also provide yellow fever vaccination in Leighton Buzzard and Northolt.

What Causes Yellow Fever?

Yellow fever is spread through the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquitos that are infected with the virus. Mosquitoes become infected when they bite a person or animal who has the virus and they then spread it to whoever they bite afterward.

The symptoms of yellow fever usually start 3-6 days after infection and can seem similar to the flu. Symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Dizziness and nausea
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Loss of appetite

Many people will recover from these initial symptoms without any permanent complications. A small percentage of those with yellow fever will go on to develop more serious symptoms like jaundice, darkly coloured urine, severe stomach pain and vomiting, dehydration, and liver or kidney failure. Up to half of these patients will not survive the illness.

Do Any Countries Require Proof of Vaccination?

Many countries in Africa require evidence that you’ve received a yellow fever vaccination including Ghana, Mali, Republic of the Congo, and Sierra Leone. Even if it isn’t a requirement where you’re travelling, it may still be a recommended inoculation for your destination.

Yellow Fever Vaccination in Ramsgate and Northampton

There is no cure for yellow fever. People with the disease can only be get treatment to reduce the severity of their symptoms. The best way to protect yourself against yellow fever is by preventing mosquito bites and by getting the effective yellow fever vaccine.

Yellow fever vaccination in Walsall and Sydenham from Touchwood Pharmacy. To protect yourself from potential infection, book an appointment online for all your travel vaccination needs.