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Everything You Need To Know About Meningitis

Everything You Need To Know About Meningitis


Meningitis affects many people in the UK every year, and in some cases, it can cause permanent life-changing damage to one’s health and even death. Fortunately, the bacterial meningitis vaccine is available at our Sydenham branch of Touchwood Pharmacy, so that you can protect your health and that of your loved ones.

What is Meningitis?

Meningitis is an infection that can be caused by various types of bacteria or viruses. It causes inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord, the meninges, which can result in brain damage, loss of limbs, and hearing loss. For those who survive the infection, recovery from meningitis can take years, and many children and adults are left with mild to severe disability. The best way to protect your children (or yourself) against bacterial meningitis is to ensure they receive the bacterial meningitis vaccines.

Meningitis B Vaccine

This is a relatively new meningitis vaccine that protects against meningococcal group B bacteria, a common cause of meningitis in children. Due to its relative novelty, many children may have missed out on this vaccination as it was only offered to babies during its initial rollout period. Many parents have already chosen to privately vaccinate their children who missed out on the vaccination, giving peace of mind that they are protected against this dreadful disease.

Meningitis C Vaccine

This vaccine protects against meningococcal group C bacteria and is offered to babies and teenagers or university students. There are a number of reasons why you or your child may have missed this vaccination, but we are pleased to offer this vaccination privately in Sydenham for anyone who has not already been vaccinated. There is no need to take any risks with your health, and private vaccination may be the best decision you ever make.

Meningitis Vaccination Sydenham

At our branch of Touchwood Pharmacy in Sydenham, we are pleased to offer both bacterial meningitis vaccines at affordable prices. Our vaccine specialists are highly experienced and can offer advice that is tailored to you or your child. Located on Sydenham Road, there’s no need to travel further for health protection.

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