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How Long Does the Typhoid Vaccine Last?

Typhoid Fever Vaccination

Typhiod Fever Vaccination
Typhoid – or Typhoid fever, is a bacterial infection caused by the Salmonella Typhi bacteria.  This illness is spread from person to person, generally when someone goes to the toilet and does not wash their hands afterwards. The bacteria, which are microscopic, remain on the hands and then contaminate everything the person touches, which also includes food and drinks. In a country where there is poor sanitation, the water used to prepare food and beverages can also be contaminated with these bacteria and consuming them can then lead to illness. Touchwood Pharmacy can prepare you for your travels with your Typhoid Vaccination in Ramsgate and our Typhoid Vaccination Clinic in Hanwell.  

Where is Typhoid most common in the world?

  • The Indian Subcontinent

  • Africa

  • South and Southeast Asia

  • South America

Who should get the Typhoid vaccine?

  • If you are abroad, in an endemic area and are staying or working with local people

  • If you are staying for prolonged periods where sanitation and/or food hygiene are likely to be poor.

What is the Typhoid vaccine effectiveness?

This depends on which vaccine you receive, of which there are many:

  • Vi – a single injection.  Vaccination/booster must be completed at least two weeks before travel.

  • Ty21a vaccine – given as 3 capsules to take on alternate days. Must be completed at least one week before travel.

  • Typhoid plus Hepatitis A injections are also available for age 15 and over; Hep A protection lasts 1 year.  Typhoid protection is 3 years.

  • Typhoid vaccines are not 100% effective, so you must take precautions whilst eating food and drinking water abroad.  

  • Boosters should be sought every 3 years

Is there a Typhoid vaccine age limit?

  • The Ty21a vaccine is not advised for children under 6

  • The Vi vaccine can be given to children from 2 years of age

What precautions should I take in addition to the Typhoid vaccine?

  • Only drink properly sealed bottled water

  • Avoid ice cream

  • No Ice

  • Avoid uncooked fruit and vegetables, unless you have prepared them safely

  • Avoid shellfish, seafood and salads

What are the treatments for Typhoid?

  • Antibiotics

    • Antibiotic resistance in some strains has become an increasing problem for infections originating in southeast Asia

  • Persistent symptoms may require hospitalisation

  • If a child contracts this illness, hospitalisation may be standard

  • In extremely rare cases, surgery could be required

Touchwood Pharmacy can help you with your Typhoid Vaccination in Ramsgate or at our Typhoid Vaccination Clinic in Hanwell for rapid appointments and any additional information.