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How to Prevent Chicken Pox from Becoming a Serious Illness?

Chickenpox vaccination

Chickenpox is an extremely contagious disease that is quite common in children because it spreads quickly in classrooms once one child has become infected. The sickness is more uncomfortable than it is serious. However, it can be more serious for adults if they contract chickenpox.  

The best way to prevent Chickenpox is to get the Chickenpox vaccination. It’s a safe and effective way to prevent Chickenpox. 

Additionally, if your child or you get chicken pox, having the vaccination can prevent it from becoming more serious. The vaccine can minimise symptoms so that Chickenpox does not become a serious illness.  

Chickenpox vaccinations for children, adolescents, and adults are available at Touchwood Pharmacy in South London. With over 15 locations, you can find the location near you to get your Chickenpox Vaccination in Northampton, Northolt, Camberley, Bromley, and many more branches.  

What Is Chickenpox? 

The varicella-zoster virus is what causes Chickenpox. Chickenpox is most contagious at its early stages and spreads easily and quickly through breathing viral particles or touching infected items. It’s one reason you see so many Chickenpox cases in school-age children.  

People with chicken pox will get blister-like rashes across the body that cause itching and overall discomfort. It is not unusual for those with Chickenpox to have between 250 and 500 itchy, annoying blisters.    

People with chickenpox can unknowingly spread the virus for a few days before showing actual symptoms (blisters). It can take 10 to 21 days for symptoms to show up after exposure.  

The good news is that Chickenpox can be managed easily with over-the-counter medicines and home remedies to reduce the itching and discomfort of the rash and treat fever if necessary. 

Take the first step in preventing Chickenpox by getting your Chickenpox Vaccination in Sydenham or at a Touchwood Pharmacy in your area.  

By getting your child’s Chickenpox Vaccination in Streatham at Touchwood Pharmacy, you can prevent Chickenpox.  

Symptoms of Chickenpox 

Symptoms of chickenpox normally last five to seven days. They will often include: 

  • Itchy and red blisters that cover your body
  • Rash (particularly on your back, chest, and face)
  • Fever
  • Exhaustion
  • No Appetite

Severe cases of chickenpox are unusual but are still possible. Complications may include dehydration, bacterial infection, and bleeding.   

Where Can I Get the Chickenpox Vaccine? 

The chickenpox vaccine is available at all Touchwood Pharmacy locations. Schedule your Chickenpox vaccination at Ramsgate or any of our South London branches today.