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Is ear syringing safe?

ear syringing

Your earwax is constantly hard at work protecting and cleaning your ears. Once it’s done its job, it usually falls out of your ears unnoticed. However, sometimes you can end up with a build up of stubborn wax. When this happens, you can experience symptoms like sudden hearing loss, ear pain, ear fullness, and vertigo.

If you suspect you have a build up of ear wax, you can get fast and effective treatment from Touchwood Pharmacy. Contact us or arrange an appointment online for ear syringing in Bromley and Lichfield.

What Is Ear Syringing?

Also known as ear irrigation, ear syringing is a routine procedure to remove excess ear wax or foreign objects (food or insects) from the ear. This painless technique is often used to remove wet or very soft wax that has collected on the eardrum.

An electric device is used to gently spray warm water into your ear canal to flush the excess wax out. You should start to feel relief from your symptoms within a day or two.

Is Ear Syringing Safe?

When you get ear syringing from Touchwood Pharmacy, you can rest assured it’s a safe, hygienic, and effective procedure. Before the procedure, our professionals will examine your ears to make sure this is the best option for your symptoms. Only then will the ear syringing go forward.

You might feel a bit dizzy afterward as your equilibrium settles, but this is temporary. Any discomfort in your ear following your procedure will also be short-lived. In the rare case that your discomfort persists or becomes worse, contact us or your GP for advice.

For the procedure to be effective, it’s only recommended for soft ear wax. Syringing hard, impacted wax can potentially injure your ear or perforate your eardrum. If your wax build up is too hard, our experts will recommend a different type of removal.

It’s important to seek out professional help if you have an ear wax build up. At home removal methods, such as using cotton swabs, can end up causing serious damage to your ears. Touchwood Pharmacy’s highly trained clinicians can help you take care of your ears. Visit our website to find out more about ear syringing in Northampton, ear syringing in Ramsgate, and ear syringing in Walsall.