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The Signs And Symptoms Of Chickenpox

recognizing the signs and symptoms of chickenpox

Although chickenpox is thought of as a common childhood illness, and even a rite of passage, it can be a serious life-threatening illness. Caused by the varicella zoster virus, some children and adults can develop serious skin infections, pneumonia and even brain damage. Vaccination is performed routinely in other countries including Europe and the USA but is not available routinely via the NHS. If you are looking for chickenpox vaccination in Northampton, Streatham, Sydenham and Northolt, then Touchwood Pharmacy can help.

Chickenpox Symptoms

Chicken pox is best known for its rash of fluid filled blisters that often start on the trunk and then spread to the rest of the body. The rash can be incredibly itchy and leave lifelong scars. Children may not understand the importance of not scratching the rash or may find it impossible to resist, and this can increase the chance of scarring.

Prior to the rash, there may be a period of fever, malaise and irritability before the spots appear. The child or adult is infectious at this point but often will not know that they have the varicella zoster virus and so may unwittingly transmit the infection to other people.

Risks of Chickenpox

Chickenpox can be a nasty illness in children but tends to be even worse when contracted as an adult. Also, it can be very dangerous for someone with a compromised immune system to become infected with varicella zoster as their body is less able to mount an immune response to the virus. The unborn babies of pregnant women who have not previously had chickenpox can also be severely affected by maternal chickenpox infection.

Chickenpox Vaccination Streatham, Sydenham, Northolt and Northampton

We are pleased to offer chickenpox vaccination at our local pharmacies including Streatham, Sydenham, Northolt and Northampton. The vaccine is available to children aged one and above, and is also recommended for adults who work in healthcare or with children. Women who have not had chickenpox but are considering starting a family may also be advised to have the vaccine prior to falling pregnant.

Our vaccine specialists can make recommendations tailored to your (or your child’s) individual needs, and all of our vaccinations are competitively priced. There is no need to travel further for a comprehensive service. Call today to book your appointment.