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Thyroid Issues And Cholesterol: Is There A Connection?

2. Touchwood Pharmacy – Thyroid Issues And Cholesterol: Is There A Connection

Cholesterol is a dangerous fatty substance that can circulate in the blood and restrict or block blood vessels. Most people are aware of this but perhaps, what is less well known, is that there is a link between the function of the thyroid gland and cholesterol. If you are searching for private thyroid blood tests, then contact Touchwood Pharmacy. We also offer private cholesterol blood tests if you are concerned about your cholesterol levels.

Why is cholesterol dangerous?

Too much of the wrong type of cholesterol can clog your arteries and put you at risk of heart disease.

High cholesterol is usually caused by a diet rich in saturated fats contained in foods like red meat and butter. However, sometimes, high cholesterol can be caused by a malfunctioning thyroid gland and this can make cholesterol levels see-saw.

Your body needs thyroid hormones to manufacture cholesterol and to get rid of the excess cholesterol it doesn’t need. If your thyroid hormone levels are low – called hypothyroidism – then the body doesn’t break down and remove cholesterol as efficiently, as usual, causing cholesterol to build up in the bloodstream.

Thyroid levels don’t have to be very low to raise cholesterol levels, even people with mildly low thyroid levels can have higher than normal cholesterol. Hyperthyroidism which is thyroid hormone levels that are too high will have the opposite effect on cholesterol and cause it to drop to levels that are abnormally low.

There is a fasting blood test to accurately check cholesterol levels plus there are tests for thyroid function if this is also a possible concern.

The symptoms of high cholesterol

High cholesterol has no real symptoms which are why it can be so dangerous, a bit like high blood pressure. As a consequence, cholesterol levels should be checked regularly.

The symptoms of an underactive thyroid

An underactive thyroid does have discernible symptoms including weight gain, dry skin, a slow heartbeat, muscle aches and weaknesses, and a sensitivity to cold. The problem with these symptoms is that they are quite generic and can easily be attributed to other illnesses and health conditions.

There are tests for thyroid which can determine whether your thyroid is functioning correctly and if thyroid hormones are low, then this is a pointer to check cholesterol levels.

For private thyroid blood tests and private cholesterol blood tests, contact Touchwood Pharmacy. We have a wide range of appointment times and offer quick results.