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What are 3 ways to prevent cholera?

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      When people began migrating more during the 19th century, they brought more than hopes and dreams with them. Several deadly disease outbreaks occurred as a result of these migrations, especially in North America and Europe. One such disease was cholera, an infectious illness that leads to chronic diarrhoea and potentially fatal dehydration.

      These days, most cases of cholera occur in regions with poor sanitation, excess crowding, and limited access to clean water. When cholera is recorded in countries like the UK, it’s usually linked to recent overseas travel.

      That’s why if you’re going to be travelling to a country where cholera is a risk, you should book in with Touchwood Pharmacy’s travel clinic in South London. There we can provide you with vaccinations to prevent serious illnesses as well as give you comprehensive advice on how to stay healthy abroad.

      3 Ways to Prevent Cholera

      Cholera is commonly found in parts of Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa that have inadequate sanitation and water. It’s also more likely to occur in areas affected by famine and war, especially in places like refugee camps. To stay safe while visiting these regions, you should:

      1. Only Drink and Use Bottled Water: Untampered bottles of water are your safest bet when travelling overseas. Carbonated water is even safer than still water. In addition to only drinking bottled water, you should also use it for brushing your teeth and cooking.
      2. Order Drinks Without Ice: Freezing water doesn’t sanitise it the same way boiling does. If you order drinks while you’re travelling, ask for ones that come in unopened bottles and cans then skip the ice.
      3. Skip the Salad: Salads are normally a healthy choice at mealtimes, but they can make you ill if they’ve been grown or washed with contaminated water. Instead, eat food that has been thoroughly cooked from trustworthy sources.

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